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The life begins from milk...
The life begins from milk...

Mission, vision, values

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Mission – it is not possible to compromise when it is the matter of human health. That’s why we manufacture only natural and healthy products. We are glad to offer these natural and healthy products to all those who know the health cost and who is open for prospective cooperation.

Vision – to be the absolute leader manufacturing products for baby feeding and dairy products which enjoy the highest confidence of our consumers and partners.

Values: care, quality, honesty, the consumer is first of all.

The consumer is first of all

We value the confidence of our customers and create the favorable conditions for the increase of their vitality.


Your health is our caring. Caring is a value that determines the purpose of our production.


The quality is the integral condition of our success. We make the matter of quality actual not only in the limits of production cycle but in the process of development and marketing.


We are open for discussion and that demonstrates our honesty. We bear the responsibility before our partners and customers and the honesty in all spheres is the key moment in the confidence of our consumers and in the successful work of our enterprise.