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The life begins from milk...
The life begins from milk...

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The enterprise is the mechanism that is supported and fed by human energy. Our employees represent the main component of our success. Knowledge, potential and aspiration to achievement of the best results are the most important criteria for any of our positions.

We value the human resources at our enterprise and pay great attention to the individual planning of our employees’ career.

The qualified, initiative, well-motivated and aimed at intensive qualitative work people is the main treasure of the company and the main source of its competitiveness.

The main elements of the effective personnel management system are the programs for the continuous internal corporative training and professional development of our employees.

The strategy of our company’s personnel management comprises of the following aspects:

1. The open personnel policy (the possibility to participate in the open vacancy competition for every candidate who corresponds to the declared requirements, guaranteeing the high quality of personnel)

2. The policy of personnel development (adaptation of new employees, revelation of personnel potential, teambuilding, professional training)

3. Financial policy (provision of effective system for labor stimulation)

4. Social policy (creation of motivation programs aiming at the increase of interest in labor and satisfaction from it, provision of bonuses to the companys employees, organization and holding of corporative events, social protection of employees)

Do you want to become a part of our team?

We invite the people who is inspired and talented, showing enthusiasm for his work.

You will have the possibility for career advance and you will be able to demonstrate your potential.

We will assess your individual qualities at their true worth and we will encourage your inspiration to innovation and readiness to develop in the conditions of a fast-paced world.