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The life begins from milk...
The life begins from milk...



22.06.2017 A new taste of the ideal complementary food!

Are you already familiar with our new porridges? If not, then it's time to do it!

"Bellakt" created a new format for children's foods - liquid porridge for young children. The new line represents four types of milk porridges: buckwheat, rice, multicereal, and novelty - oatmeal. You do not need to cook them at all! Liquid porridges are available in Tetra Brik Aseptic packages with a straw sticker, they are convenient to take along for a walk, for a visit, on the road. And the temperature of storage of the product up to + 25 ° C allows not to worry about its safety. Agree, in the hot season of holidays this is what you need!

Liquid milk porridge "Bellakt" combines the benefits of milk and the energy of cereals! You can enjoy pleasant summer walks without harm to the diet - a healthy and satisfying snack is always at hand. "Bellakt" porridges will be an excellent assistant to parents on the road and help acquaint the kid with the wonders of the world!

New liquid porridges by Bellakt

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