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The life begins from milk...
The life begins from milk...



04.11.2016 Butter "Belorus" is recognized as a high-quality product

Butter is a product of truly mass use: without it, baking, sandwiches and porridge in the morning are not enough. That is why the Russian quality system carried out a large-scale fan study of the quality of butter of the most famous brands, objects on the Russian market. 64 trademarks were examined, which included products manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as six samples of Belarusian production.

Amateur or traditional?

Often, customers believe the information that is presented on the package. According to GOST, traditional butter should contain at least 82.5% fat. During the production of butter, the water evaporates, but sometimes the manufacturer can leave more moisture in it than required by state standards. This leads to a reduction in fat content and a decrease in cost. Thus, by reducing the butter fat percentage by 10%, manufacturers can give out amateur butter for the traditional. Among Russian manufacturers, this fact of violation was detected in 8 of 64 trademarks.

In the production of high-quality butter only milk fats are used. If there are vegetable fats in the butter, then it will already be margarine or spread. Such information on the packaging is also very important. So, according to the results of the research in 6 trademarks of Russian production, experts revealed inconsistency of the composition and information on the packaging.

Microbiological safety also has mass infringements. In the course of laboratory studies, the presence of mold and yeast was found in the bread, which is strictly prohibited. In this case, among the seven manufacturers, a violation of microbiological safety was confirmed.

The heat resistance of butter is determined by its ability to keep its shape at room temperature. Quality butter after being in the room by 2 hours at a temperature of 30 ° C (it is important to maintain a constant degree at this level) should keep its shape. To the declared GOST on heat resistance could not correspond 12 manufacturers.

So, after the research all 64 trademarks fell into one of 3 categories: high-quality goods (18), quality goods (10), goods with disabilities (36).

The premium grade butter "Belorus" by "Bellakt" was also subjected to research, which fell into the category of high-quality goods. Our butter was highly appreciated for more than 60 indicators of safety and quality. This once again proves that the consumer for "Bellakt" is in the first place.

High-quality dairy product by Bellakt

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