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The life begins from milk...
The life begins from milk...

To our partners abroad

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Volkovysk JSC “Bellakt” is an economically stable and dynamically developing company. The enterprise has strong positions both on the domestic and foreign markets and is export-oriented at the present time.

The specific weight of export in the total sales volume is more than 45%.

Volkovysk JSC “Bellakt” adheres to the honesty standard that supposes telling the truth from the enterprise and its partners, avoidance of delusion and keeping of promises.

We always try to provide our partners with many possibilities to choose from that they could build their harmonious and balanced future making the life style which they could enjoy together with their relatives and friends.

The building of partnership with our suppliers is made in accordance with the principle "100% of compatibility", i.e. the delivered production satisfies the requirements for 100%.

We are grateful to all our partners and consumers for their confidence and support for many years. Thank you for staying with us. We hope for the further cooperation and invite new customers with great pleasure.

Products for export:

  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Whole milk powder (fat 25%, 26%)
  • High-vitamin milk powder (26%)
  • Dry whey powder
  • Sweet unsalted butter (72.5%, 82.5%)
  • Dry dairy products and products without milk for baby feeding (reference to the chapter "Baby feeding")

The additional information for the given positions you can receive at the external economic department.

Tel.: +375 1512 7 50 30
e-mail: export@bellakt.com